This coming Saturday night we’ll gather for our Chagiga – Annual Celebration of All Things B’Chavana.

Our intention is to be outside- if this rain ever stops. Please dress appropriately to hopefully spend some time around the fire pit or in the screen porch. Please bring a “soccer chair”. If you are a wine drinker, please bring a bottle of wine in addition to your food item. As you see in the schedule- we will have a SHORT slide show highlighting this past year. If you have pictures of events, please email them to [email protected] by May 8th. We also plan to have a music jam. Bring your voice, and instruments!!

Please sign up by Thursday May 11: If you’d like to attend, but don’t rsvp by Thursday evening, please call Gail 847-612-7387 so she can tell you what items are still needed.

7:00     Dessert & drinks
7:45     Havdalah; celebration of the year now ending
8:15     A peek into the future
8:30     Kumsitz/Music jam – bring your instruments, voices and favorite melodies

Gail and Chris W and the Va’ad