With this program, we launch our IF Planning Project.  We’ll work as a community to identify the values that we believe inform the philosophy and practice of our community:

  1. as an articulation of the values that inform our community’s ethos,
  2. as a touchstone in our future planning process, and
  3. to communicate to the larger community who we are and what we stand for

The program will be led by our IF Planning Team: Stew Campbell, Leslie Harrison, Chris Wright and I.  The exercise will engage us in individual thought, dialogue in chevruta and an entire community discussion.  I encourage you to spend some time before then identifying the values of B’Chavana that are most important to you.

As are all of our programs, this program is open to non-members interested in understanding the core of B’Chavana’s ethos.

Our hosts are Chris and Gail W.  Please sign up for your potluck dessert contribution:  For further info, contact Gail: [email protected]; 847-612-7387.

7:00     Kabbalat Shabbat  service
7:45     Dessert
8:10     Our Core Values – Who We Are & What We Stand For

I look forward to sharing with you this exciting program that will represent an important first step in our planning for our future together.  In the meantime, I wish you a good week.