In B’Chavana, we measure growth not in height, but in breadth and depth, not in square footage and the size of our budget but by the programmatic growth we develop as a community and the spiritual development that each of our members achieves.

With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announce another piece of programmatic growth that will foster both spiritual development and the strengthening of our community – at the same time that we find new ways to serve and celebrate together.

Sue L has agreed to become the first to direct our efforts at Gemilut Chassadim.  Literally, “acts of loving kindness,” our Gemilut Chassadim program will begin with a focus within our own community.  Please read these words from Sue:

B’Chavana is a community of people who are there for each other.  It’s time for us to officially introduce a new program of Gemilut Hasadim or “the giving of loving-kindness”.  This is a fundamental social value in the lives of Jews and a mitzvah that one does without receiving something in return. 

We all want to be there for each other to share in simchas and in times of sorrow.  We want to provide support whether it’s a phone call, a visit or preparing for shiva.  If there is good news to share, such as an engagement or new baby, please email me so that I can share it with the B’Chavana community.  If someone is in the hospital or needs visitors after returning home, let me know and I can help to arrange what is needed.  We hope this is only a rare occasion, but if a family member passes away, let me know so that we can help in whatever way you need and be there for you. 

These are Jewish ways of being there for each other and providing Gemilut Hasadim whenever possible.  Please contact me at [email protected] 

Sue L