I’m writing this on Monday afternoon, with Election Day just ahead. I voted a little while back, so all that’s ahead is the wait. And my wishes for our future.

There are many ways in which I would like to see American society change. For some, there are specific policies or programs that I think could bring those changes. I’ve also learned enough, over the years, to recognize that other policies or programs might work better and that, sometimes, the unintended consequences of any policies or programs create new problems that might, or might not, outweigh the problem they were meant to solve.

All that being said, the wishes I want to express here address neither policies nor programs nor, even, specific politicians. Rather, they are outcomes I wish for ardently – for the good of the country, for the good of the people who make up the country.

I hope –

  • To see calm, decency and respect modeled by our national leadership. And to see that, then, mirrored throughout the country.
  • That collaboration will be practiced, irrespective of majorities and minorities in the Congress and White House. The truths embodied in both liberal and conservative ideas, when well-balanced, will show us the best way forward.
  • That every person in this country will see him/herself reflected in our leadership or, lacking that, that each person will see his/her own dignity addressed by those who lead.
  • Not for unity. No, I believe that the only time there is the kind of unity that people preach about is one that can be seen only from 30,000 feet. A more granular vision will always see that there are good, and reasonable, differences between people: ethnicities, genders, religions, philosophies, needs, aspirations and so on. I suppose that if I want to see unity at all, it would be of the kind that agrees on the basic dignity and decency of other people and who agree to goal of ever-better fulfilling the ideals expressed in our founding documents, while remedying the failures.

There are many more hopes that I could express, but I’ll leave it at this for now, lest someone accuse me of being an overreaching, idealistic Pollyanna.

May our country move closer to a more perfect union, one in which all can flourish.