I look forward to sharing with you my experiences at the National Ahmadiyyah Jalsa (convention) two weeks ago.  As you know, I was invited by our friend Tayyib Rashid of the community centered in Zion, IL.  As I wrote, for me it was a unique experience and one from which I learned and gained much.  As part of my presentation I will share some thoughts about steps that Ty and I discussed that we might take to create a relationship between our two communities.

Stew Campbell will share his spiritual journey.  With his presentation, we will enter a new phase of our sharing.  While I will continue to invite those who have not had the opportunity to share before, Stew will be the first to share a second reflection (his first was offered at Limmud and the repeated as part of a Friday night program).  I have asked him to reflect on where he is today relative to where he was when he last spoke.

Leslie & Kevin will host: [email protected]; (847) 207-2266.  Please sign up right away for our potluck luncheon: Leslie’s Potluck Link.

9:45      Gather & schmooze
10:00     Tefilot; Torah; Learning
12:15     Potluck luncheon

I hope to share the morning with you.  In the meantime, I wish you shavua tov – a good week.