Our Friday night gathering on June 2 will feature storytelling a la The Moth.  Rachel L is looking for a few more storytellers; she already has a couple.  In honor of Shavuot, which will occur earlier that week, our theme for these stories is “Revelation – A Time When A Powerful Truth Entered My Life.”  Here is a description of what we’re looking for:

Shavuot is known by the rabbis as Z’man Mattan Toratenu the time of the gift of the Torah, by which God “revealed” to us truths and laws and knowledge and wisdom – things by which we might craft our existences into meaningful lives.  Sometimes in our lives we experience our own revelations, or revelatory moments – moments when some stunning realization or important truth breaks through our everyday mindset or experience – and helps (or forces) us to grow because of it.  On Friday night, June 2, we’ll share those stories in tellings of no more than 5 minutes.

If you’re interested in sharing a story, contact Rachel right away: [email protected]; (847) 602-1549.

We will also welcome Rich Herman into the Jewish people with a ceremony at 6:00, preceding our regular evening schedule.  Earlier in the day, Rich will have undergone traditional Jewish rituals of conversion.  I hope you’ll plan to be with us for this very important event in the life of our community and the life of the Jewish people.

I’ll provide more details next Sunday.   In the meantime, I’ll post information about this coming Shabbat morning tomorrow.