This coming Shabbat morning we’ll begin looking forward to Pesah.  The first major set of mitzvot appear in the exodus story, leading Maimonides to raise the question: should our religious growth proceed from mind to deed, reason to action, or vice-versa?  In other words, should we reach understanding before acting or should we engage and then learn from the doing?  We’ll consider this question and Maimonides’ answer as it might apply to our own live and, in particular, to the rituals of the Pesah seder.  Additionally, Chris will share his spiritual journey.

Gail and Chris W will host at their home in Buffalo Grove; for the address, please contact Gail: [email protected]; (847) 612-7387.  Please sign up right away to contribute to our potluck lunch: Gail’s Potluck Luncheon.

9:45      Coffee and schmooze
10:00     Tefilot and learning
12:15     Kiddush & potluck luncheon

Have a good week.  I look forward to seeing you then.