As we posted, we are off and running quite successfully with the projects that have been created by our SEG-Way (Social Engagement Gaggle).  Helping other people when they are in need is fundamental to Jewish living – an expression of our commitment to love our fellow human being as we love our self.

This coming Friday night, we’ll share some short Jewish texts and engage in conversation around this topic of helping others.  Susan and I will be in Memphis, so a member of the SEG-Way will lead that learning.  After that, the SEG-Way will lead an exercise designed so that we can share the tzedaka-type activities with which we’ve been engaged or are familiar.  We’ll explore which ones we might be able to serve well.  Then we’ll schedule one project for each of the upcoming months, for as far out as we can go.

Gail and Chris will host. To contribute to the potluck dessert:  For further info, contact Gail: (847) 612-7387; [email protected]

7:00     Shabbat b’rachot & songs
7:20     Jewish text learning
7:40     SEG-Way Exercise on Tzedaka Activities
8:15     Dessert

I’ll miss seeing you but hope that you will gather in strength and with enthusiasm as we continue to develop this important area of our B’Chavana community.

L’shalom ,