Just a reminder that we’ll welcome as our teacher this Shabbat Pastor James Buckman, recently installed as the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Lake Forest.  Pastor Buckman is also a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve, where has served as chaplain to men and women who serve overseas, particularly in the Middle East.  Stew and I have invited Pastor Buckman this coming Shabbat morning to share his experiences and insights into the faith-issues that arise during military service, how he responds to them, and how his own faith has been influenced by his experience. I’m sure that we’ll all gain much food for thought for our own spiritual journeys.

Robin and Stew will host, and invite you to participate in producing our potluck luncheon:  For further info, contact Robin: (847) 833-6348; [email protected]

9:45      Coffee and . . .
10:00    Tefilot; Pastor James Buckman
12:15    Kiddush; luncheon

I  look forward to sharing this outstanding occasion for learning.

Shavua tov,