The original plan for Friday night was to view the documentary film”There Will Be Fire” about my cousin, the Israeli artist Yonatan. Given the tragedy in Pittsburgh, the Va’ad and I thought it would be better to reschedule that and instead take time to do two things.

The first will be to remember those who died and to share our own loss and mourning as a community. The second will be to renew our commitment to love, and to helping others, in a time so dark and filled with so much hatred.

In addition to his hatred for Jews, the murderer expressed hatred towards HIAS and the immigrants and refugees that it serves. For our learning, then, we will focus on the migration narratives of our patriarchs and matriarchs; the mitzvah of radical hospitality and protection of vulnerable communities that grew out of that narrative, as well as the narrative of the exodus from Egypt; we will hear the story of an American immigrant from Vietnam; and we will take a quick look at service programs in our area to which we might commit ourselves.

Karen and Larry will host our potluck dinner: For further info, contact Karen: [email protected]; (847) 498-7821.

6:00     Nosh & schmooze
6:30     Shabbat Ma’ariv (evening) Tefilot
7:15     Blessings, Dinner & Dessert
8:00     Birkat Hamazon & Learning

I imagine that it will be a difficult week for us as we consider the ramifications of the tragedy and as we pray for those killed and their families.  I encourage you to keep hope and faith in your heart.  Then, on Friday, we can nurture one another and renew our commitment to love and hope.