We reached out this week to Congressman Schneider’s office for help in understanding where our immigrant family is in the immigration process.  Karyn Davidman of his staff in turn reached out to the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration of the Department of State, who sent the following information:

According to State Department records, the applicants on this case were interviewed by a DHS/USCIS in the fall.  The officer recommended approval if all administrative processing requirements are completed satisfactorily for each applicant. At this time the case is still in this process.  When completed, DHS/USCIS will issue a final decision. If it is approved, the USRAP will prepare and schedule their travel arrangements.  At this time, we cannot provide a timeframe as to when the processing of the case will be completed.  When processing is completed, the HIAS office in Chicago will be informed.

To remind you, the Iraqi family that we’ve committed to support is:

  • Ali Kareem Ali Kahn (father, age 33)
  • Asma Al Hamadani (mother, age 24)
  • Abbas Ali Kareem (son, age 9)
  • Abdulkareem Ali Kareem (son, age 6)
  • Asinat Ali Karem (daughter, age 5)

We’ve already collected a considerable amount of goods with which to supply their apartment when they arrive.  Once they’re here, we’ll look for other ways to support their resettlement and integration into American society.  If you are interested in participating in that work, please contact Gail W ([email protected]; (847) 612-7387) or Jane G ([email protected]; (847) 754-6424).

In the meantime, I encourage you to keep them in your prayers.

Shabbat shalom,