As most of you know, Mark and Shari Rangell have moved to sunny Las Vegas.  Both of them have been long-standing members of the va’ad and have added immeasurably over the years to our growth, strength and energy. Shari stepped down from the va’ad last year, and now it is time for Mark to step back as well.  Mark has made it clear that he is not going anywhere so fast, but a va’ad commitment is not something he is able to fully engage in at this time.  Mark and Shari will continue to join us whenever possible when they are in the Chicago area.

We are excited to announce that Chris Wright AND Gail Wright will be stepping up and joining the va’ad!  Gail and Chris bring energy, warmth, enthusiasm, hospitality and, importantly for the va’ad, serious leadership skills.  Since joining B’Chavana, they have individually raised their hand for High Holiday logistics, seder planning,  leading our effort with HIAS and more.  They are looking forward to helping shape the future of B’Chavana!

Please join us in welcoming Chris Wright and Gail Wright to your va’ad!

Karen Heisler,
on behalf of the Va’ad