Support B’Chavana Through Gifts of Your Time, Treasure & Talent

Instructions are given in the Torah for building the Mishkan, the portable Sanctuary, that would unify the people. The Mishkan was to be built through gifts given “asher yidvenu libo” – by those whose hearts were so moved.

The cornerstone of any community, financial gifts help strengthen and sustain our ability to leave convention behind and bring Jewish life to life through exciting and transformational experiences.

Our expenses are modest, but essential. Because B’Chavana values learning over being large, intimacy over real estate, we do not have – or intend to have – a building. That means no building fund. We do not assess dues or hold many fundraisers each year. Our focus is solely on being Relevant, Intentional and Inspiring.

The recommended gift is $1,000 per person for a one-year membership and includes High Holidays. Many who are able, exceed that amount. For those who cannot, we ask that you gift as much as you can.

For more information:

Renee Hochberg
312.402.8339 . [email protected]

Leslie Harrison
847.207.2266 . [email protected]