Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat (Services for Welcoming the Sabbath)

  • The first Friday of each month sees celebration and learning as we gather to welcome Shabbat with joyful song and thoughtful reflection. We begin with wine and cheese; continue with a brief Kabbalat Shabbat service; share a potluck meal; and then learn from guests, texts and lively conversation.
  • The third Friday of each month offers a slightly shorter evening.  We gather for Shabbat after dinner and begin with a song-filled Kabbalat Shabbat service followed by dessert and conversation.

Shabbat Morning Tefilot (Services)

  • We meet on the fourth Shabbat morning of the month for an extended opportunity to sing, reflect and learn. Shabbat morning services include great music, Torah reading, personal reflections and thoughtful learning. We finish the morning with a potluck Kiddush.

Torah for Beginners and Beyond

  • On Thursday nights we learn about Judaism’s sacred text, the Torah. We gather in someone’s home, have a nosh, and read the ancient tales and laws that make up the foundation of Jewish living. The learning is fundamental enough to serve beginners’ needs and sophisticated enough to engage those who have learned before. For more information, contact Rabbi Belgrad.

Chagim U-Z’manim – Festive Celebrations 

  • We engage in interactive and inspiring learning during Sukkot and Shavuot.  Chanukah brings light and levity during the darkest time of the year while Purim provides hilarity and hamantaschen in the spring.
  • New in 2017: B’Chavana Community Seder.  In typical fashion, we bring together the various skills and talents of the B’Chavana community to celebrate Pesah’s ancient messages in a modern mode for a contemporary world.  Musicians, artists, writers and others will collaborate in creating this powerful celebration.

High Holiday Services

  • One of the highlights of our year is our celebration of the High Holy Days. In addition to Rabbi Belgrad’s thoughtful preaching and Randi Simon’s inspiring singing, many members contribute to the creativity with their musicianship and other talents, including drama and visual illustrations of the prayers.

Annual Kallah

  • For one weekend each year, we get away – from it all. Forty-eight hours later, we return home refreshed, reinvigorated, renewed. What happens in-between is time to laugh and learn, to sing and pray, to strengthen old friendships and to deepen new ones. There is nothing like our annual kallah – ask anyone who has survived one!

Mitzvah Day

  • Inspired by the great “mitzvah maven” Danny Siegel, our Mitzvah Day brings a hundred volunteers to a dozen worthy causes, bringing support, gifts and love to recipients in need.