More than a community, more than a place to worship and learn. It is a feeling of belonging, of acceptance and personal and spiritual growth. B’Chavana will make you want to reach higher, and you will be doing it with wonderful, supportive and thoughtful friends.

Leslie H., Member since July, 2013

I’ve been searching for a spiritual outlet for many years and just couldn’t seem to find it. Until B’Chavana. Besides meeting my spiritual needs, it provides so much more. The Rabbi is amazing, I’ve met wonderful people – now friends – and enjoy the various learning opportunities that are available. And fun. Always fun. I’m grateful for the opportunities B’Chavana has afforded me.

Melinda H., Member since March, 2016

Being a member of the B’Chavana has been a great enriching experience for my wife and I. We share our common beliefs about being Jewish. We also enjoy each other’s company in being part of a group where people are open to others. There are many social get togethers which we enjoy as well. Its great to be part of this group.

Mark and Jan S. , Members since March, 2015

It’s been wonderful and fulfilling to find a new outlet for expressing my Judaism. In addition, I feel like we’ve established friendships and become part of a community focused on ourselves and our interests rather than focused on our kids.

Renee H., Member since January 2015

We joined because we were looking for a small congregation where we would truly be part of a community. Being part of a community means that we would truly know each other, pray together, sing together and engage in meaningful social justice projects together. We would support each other in the hard times and celebrate together in the good times. B’Chavanah IS this community. The music is beyond gorgeous, spiritual and meaningful. In our short time as members we have already developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Gail W. , Member since July, 2016

To me, spirituality is a sense of purpose, clearly identifying with Jewish ideals, morals and values.  These values are embodied in doing right by others, of caring about people, of paying it forward, of appreciating what we have and what others are willing to do for me, of seeking to learn in new ways, of providing leadership when it is needed by a group or wise counsel to those in need individually, and acting as a role model that others can respect and would be happy to call a friend.  Over the past several years, B’Chavana has become an integral part of my life, and my participation in the B’Chavana community has enabled me to exercise and expand each of the attributes listed above.  I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community and to continue my spiritual journey in new ways, alongside a group of cherished, lifelong friends.

Mark R., Member since April, 2013